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Prashaank Samay

Hi, I’m Prashaank Samay. I am a teacher with 13 years of experience in Education and Career counselling. Ever since my childhood, my mother taught me several life lessons and thoughts that helped me to understand and achieve great relationships with the people around me and to live a happy and a quality life full of values. But life isn’t all about achieving anything , its the MAINTENANCE that matters. The process of fixing the ups and downs in my life taught me several psychologically important behaviours and thinking patterns that need to be adopted to maintain all the values and success in life. After counselling many students and parents, I have witnessed some very good impacts on their lives. All this encouraged me to share my views on a broader platform. We have achieved many things and many things are yet to be achieved.

Let’s start our journey together. I will be happy to receive your suggestions and experiences as well.

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