33 days to develop a skill

“They are born with a god gift!”

“They are so talented!”

You must have heard it many times either in your mind or from the people around you.

You must be wondering, how some people around you are so effortless in their work that it seems like god has written codes in their minds by birth.

Let’s define talent first:

special ability or skill that allows someone to do something well.

Now tell me, Do you have any special ability?

If it’s a YES, then you will be able to correlate with this post.

If it’s a NO, then let’s DEVELOP ONE.

Yes! You heard it right. You can develop a skill that will become your speciality over time with regular practice.

A day will come when you become so effortless in using the skill that people around you will start considering it as your talent.

But the question is HOW?

Question mark drawn on black board with chalk
How to develop a skill or a special ability.

Let’s take an example and try to modify it in line with your needs.

In an experiment, 50 students were chosen. They were average or below-average in their studies. They were asked some questions:

“How hard it is to solve 5 mathematics questions in a day”? “It’s easy”, they said.

Now, what about 20 questions in a day? “Not that easy maybe”. 

And what about 100 questions in a day? “Impossible”, they assured.

Then they were invited to accept a challenge in which they will have to attempt a certain number of maths questions in a day as follows:

Day 1: 10 questions 

Day 2: 15 questions 

Day 3: 20 questions 

Day 4: 25 questions 

Day 5: 30 questions 

Day 6: 33 questions 

Day 7: 35 questions 

Day 8: 38 questions 

Day 9: 40 questions

Day10: 43questions 

Day 11: 45 questions 

Day 12: 48 questions 

Day 13: 50 questions 

Day 14: 52 questions 

Day 15: 54 questions 

Day 16: 57 questions 

Day 17: 60 questions 

Day 18: 62 questions 

Day 19: 64 questions 

Day 20: 67 questions 

Day 21: 70 questions

Day 22 : 72 questions

Day 23 : 75 questions

Day 24 : 77 questions

Day 25 : 80 questions

Day 26 : 82 questions

Day 27 : 85 questions

Day 28 : 88 questions

Day 29 : 90 questions

Day 30 : 92 questions

Day 31 : 95 questions

Day 32 : 97 questions

Day 33: 100 questions

All of them agreed and they were told to submit each day’s work online at the end of the day

On the 34th day, All the students had undergone assessment with the following results:

37 students strictly followed the above exercise.

9 students missed out on the task on some days but managed to finish 100 questions on day 33.

4 students were able to reach a maximum of 50-60 questions in a day.

After this whole experiment, it was time to generate results. 

To do this, all the students were asked a simple question again.

“How hard it is to practice 30 maths questions daily for the rest of your academic year?”

Every single student agreed to do it without any hesitation.




Earlier they said attempting 20 questions in a day was not that easy but now they can effortlessly attempt 30 questions daily.

All students have pushed their limits to develop a skill or special ability by following a systematic plan.

Remember one thing, You cannot develop a skill in one day but one day a skill will be developed. 

George Hood, a 62-year old man, set the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent holding the plank position (8 hours 15 mins and 15 seconds).

In his interview, he said that he did over 2100 hours of planking to prepare for the record.

2100 hours! Will you call it talent or an act of pushing limits?

All you need is a written plan and a compulsion to do it. You can take help from your friends, parents, etc. ask them to be your invigilator all throughout your mission.

You can modify the above experiment for yourself.

If you want to be in good shape, replace the ‘questions’ with ‘push-ups’, If you want to be a writer replace it with ‘lines’, (number of lines you are going to write in a day), and so on.

For example, Day 1 : 10 push-ups. or Day 1: 10 lines , etc.

After a few days, when you look back to your present self, you will cherish the moment where you will be then.



Feel free to ask anything. I will be happy to contribute to your success journey. 


Life’s Basic Algorithm

If you still ignore or skip the basics in your life, then try and prepare a dish for your family and ask their reviews on it.

BUT there is a condition!!

You need to skip one of its core ingredients. For example, you need to skip sugar in Gulab jamun, salt in Kadhai paneer, etc. 

Some of you might be thinking of other alternatives to sugar or salt. But, aren’t you again trying to substitute for the basic taste of the dish?

You will have to go to its base nature (sweet or salty), to get your family taste buds satisfied with a perfect dish.

Can you drive?

Can you write?

Can you solve algebra?

Can you develop software?

Can you write a book?

If it is a NO for any of the above questions, then ask yourself, WHY?

Because you don’t know how to do it or I can say you don’t know its basics.

Can you correlate? 

You might be anywhere in your career and relationships. If you are struggling and not enjoying them, that means you have skipped or ignored the very basics of those close things in your life.

Maybe you are a student not enjoying your studies

An employee, not interested in your job.

A husband or a wife, not happy with your marriage

Anybody, not satisfied with some of your relationships.

The one, not enjoying your health.

Brainstorm yourself and try to answer one question.

What is it that you have been underestimating for a very long time?


Where can we start?

people woman girl cute

  • First, you need to find out. What is bothering you? 
  • Then you should make a list of the core ingredients you need to collect to transform your distasteful botherings into the delicious joy of life.
  • Find out! What basics of parenting you need to know to have a good relationship with your children?
  • Learn, focus, and stick to the basics of skills you want to develop to perform better at your workplace. 
  • Work on the basic needs to be fulfilled in a relationship.

“People with a well built BASIC ALGORITHM don’t struggle in life.”

Basics give you confidence and confidence makes you attractive.





Clean your thoughts and take charge

analysis blackboard board bubble

What do you expect from a guard you hired for the security of your house? 

What if you observe him lying on a chair and taking frequent short naps whenever he gets a chance?
What if he collaborates with some unsocial entities and helps them rob your house in your absence?
Give a deep thought on this and consider the analogy I am going to make. 
What do you expect from your brain? 
What if your brain does not respond in the situations important to you? 
What if it allows unfavorable entities to go through it to rob all the wellness from your body? 
Entities I am talking about here are “our thoughts.
You are the in-charge and you need to instruct your brain about what to come inside and what to restrict. Be aware of the truth. Everything will not become red if you are wearing red glasses. If you want to know the true colors, you need to get rid of those glasses.
Similarly, you need to analyze the source of a thought. Is it originated from a perception or reality.
A thought is a string between WIN-LOSE, GUILT-PROUD, LOVE-HATE…….. 
Say, for example, you are procrastinating a work for a very long time, What thoughts it generates in your mind?
‘why is it so difficult to do it?
I hope, I am going to find an easier way to do it soon’
‘I will get it done by tomorrow’
‘I am stressed, I can’t do it right now’
‘I should have done it that time only, now it’s already too late’
And so on…
Do you think these thoughts are going to help you? No, They won’t! Besides, they will leave you in a feeling of ‘guilt’ that will further lead you to stress.
Now try and replace the above thoughts with these-
‘it’s not difficult, why am I not doing it?
‘I hope, I will find it easier once I start doing it’
‘I am going to get it done within an hour’
‘I don’t want stress, why not finish it first’
‘I should start doing it before it gets too late’
Did you notice a difference while reading the above thoughts? Yes! They are going to give you a sense of determination and later result in ‘proud’ moments when you finish it.
What are you feeling while reading this blog? Are you thinking of your delayed tasks? Or are you trying to find ways to complete it?
If you are already thinking of solving your delayed tasks, then CONGRATULATIONS! You are in a new thought process that you have just created by yourself. You have taken a huge step. And the time is not so far when you get an accomplished feeling of completing everything one by one. 
Replace a bad thought with a good one and observe their impact on your mood and life closely.
Consider a thought as a chemical that is going to undergo a series of reactions in your body that will end up in a finalized product. 
You must have studied in chemistry that reactants combine to form products and residues.
You need to find appropriate reactants (thoughts) so that you combine them to form your desired products (your aim)



1. Delay your present thought  
Thoughts have a very short life. Write it on a piece of paper and affirm that ‘ I will think of all these in the morning or after a few hours’. 
After sometime when you look back to the page, you will surely notice that 90% of the thoughts written were completely useless.

 2. Think substitute words

# ‘ my wife behaved rudely?’   with    ‘what made my wife behave rudely?
# ‘ what will happen if I lose my job?’   with   ‘ What other income resources I can generate if I lose my job’
A slight substitution of words will make a big difference.

 3. Treat the source of thought as a ‘Villain’.

Do you get around the people who always tend to tear your soul with taunts and harsh words every time you meet them?

Then how can you stick around the thoughts that are making you uncomfortable? They are the villain in your movie. Either they should change or they should die.

I want to thank you to read this till the end.